Debunking Common Metal Roofing Myths

Metal roofing continues to rise in popularity because of its exceptional longevity, performance, and sustainability. In fact, it has the lowest life cycle cost among the roofing materials available on the market. However, many homeowners hesitate to invest in this option because of the many misconceptions surrounding it. Let Sprague Construction, your trusted roofing contractor, debunk some of the top myths about metal roofing: … [Read more...]

Signs of Roof Damage After a Storm

Storm damage can compromise your roof’s structural integrity, which is why it’s important to take the time to carefully inspect your roof after a storm. While some damage might be immediately obvious even to the untrained eye, other types of damage are harder to spot. Read on as Sprague Construction Roofing, the go-to roof repair contractor, shares some signs to look out for: Damaged Shingles It doesn’t take golf-sized hail balls to damage your roof; wind and rain can cause damage all on their own. Start checking for obvious signs of damage like broken, buckled, or curling shingles, as … [Read more...]

Things to Look for When Choosing a Roofer

With so many roofers advertising their services, how do you know which one would be the best for your particular job? Whether you’re planning a residential or commercial roofing project, read on for some helpful tips from Sprague Construction Roofing on how to pick the best contractor for your job: Ask for Proof of Insurance The most important documentation your roofer should have besides their license is worker’s compensation and liability insurance. Ask to see the certificates and call their insurance carrier to validate their claim. This helps ensure that the service being provided to … [Read more...]

Avoiding Storm Chasers With Sprague Construction Roofing

Has your area been through a storm recently? If so, you’ll soon be seeing storm chasers. These are opportunists masquerading as roofing companies, going from home to home and offering repairs for storm damage. They claim payments for poor-quality work and then quickly move on to the next storm-ravaged area. Sprague Construction Roofing shares some things you should look for to ensure you’re working with a reliable roofer for your roof repair. … [Read more...]

When Should You Get a New Roof?

Can you get by with your existing roof for a few more years, or do you need to invest in a replacement now? Here, Sprague Construction Roofing, your premier roofing contractor, shares the top indicators that mean it’s time to bite the bullet and have your roof replaced:   Your Roof Is Nearing the End of Its Service Life Varying roofing materials have different service lives. Asphalt shingle roofs, one of the most popular roofing choices, typically last between 20 to 30 years. If your roof is nearing the end of its service life, we recommend calling an expert like Sprague … [Read more...]

3 Reasons to Choose Us for a Thorough Roof Inspection

The best way to keep your roofing in Hampton, VA, in top shape all year round is to prevent serious issues from forming in the first place. Investing in a comprehensive roof inspection lets you catch the warning signs and deal with them promptly, thus ensuring that your roofing system will deliver the superior protection and lasting performance you need. … [Read more...]

4 Excellent Reasons to Hire a Local Roofer

Roofing projects—whether repair or replacement—can be costly and time-consuming. Working with a local roofing contractor in Chesapeake, VA, for your next project will help ensure the process runs smoothly and stays on budget.     A local contractor can provide you with several benefits that you won’t find anywhere else. Here, Sprague Construction Roofing, your premier roofing company, lists four major advantages of hiring a local contractor: Punctual and Cost-Effective. Local contractors are based in your community, which means reduced travel time. This will help keep your project on … [Read more...]

Signs Your Roof Needs Attention

Don’t wait for seemingly minor issues on your roof to turn into major catastrophes. In today’s post, Sprague Construction Roofing, your local residential roofing experts, shares three telltale signs that mean your roof needs repairs: … [Read more...]