Wood Shingles: Why They Are Not Just for Historic Homes

You may have seen wood shingles on buildings that are older, as they were a popular roofing material for centuries before the introduction of more recent materials such as asphalt or metal roofing. While wood shingles are often used to restore the historic look of older homes and buildings, they can provide many advantages to new homes as well.

More Natural Appearance

If your home in Billings, MT needs new roofing, it’s important to consider the overall appearance and style of your dwelling before you choose a roofing material. For more rustic homes or those that are set in the woods, out in the country, or on a range, it might make sense to go with wood shingles that can give your home that added ability to blend in to natural surroundings. Wood shingles also take on a pleasing weathered look over time, which can help contribute to that natural appeal and ruggedness of your home.

Better Energy Efficiency

One of the reasons that wood was so popular as a roofing material for so long is its natural ability to provided protection and insulation for your home. Adding wood shingles to your Billings roofing can provide you with improved energy efficiency, meaning that you will have lower heating bills in the winter and lower cooling bills in the summer. Saving money year after year can often make up for the higher costs of wood shingles when they are initially installed.

Simple to Install and Repair

Wood shingles are installed on Billings roofing as individual pieces, which means they are easy to install. They also don’t have interlocking or overlapping pieces, so if you have a single shingle or a few shingles that get damaged or broken and require repair, it’s easy to replace them without disturbing the shingles around it. That can be particularly beneficial for homes with severe winters, lots of snow, or high winds.

With their unique appearance, natural insulation capabilities, and simplicity of installation and repair, it makes sense why many homeowners choose wood shingles in Billings over other roofing materials. Talk to a contractor today to find out if they are the right material for your home.