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Laurel, Montana

Keeping Your Laurel Roof Beautiful


One of the first things people notice about a home is often the roof, especially if the roof is damaged, dirty, stained, or in disrepair. In addition to being unsightly, a damaged roof can be costing you a lot of money, from additional costs in heating and cooling your home to sneaky water damage building up in your attic. At Sprague Construction Roofing LLC, we provide repair and restoration services to keep your Laurel roofing in top condition so you can avoid costly damage related to a bad roof and keep your home looking great.

Regular Roof Maintenance

One of the first things that every homeowner should do is set a schedule for regular roof maintenance—at least twice a year. Whether you want to do it yourself, or you would like to hire professional roofing contractors in Laurel, MT to come and take a look at the roof is up to you. Begin with a quick inspection of the roof, checking for loose or missing shingles, curling, or damage, and also checking flashings and other areas around the roof for visible rust or other damage. If you discover these things, call Sprague Construction Roofing LLC to come and repair it quickly to avoid bigger problems later.

Roof Replacement

If your Laurel roofing is getting older, or suffered significant damage following a storm, fire, or other disaster, Sprague Construction Roofing LLC can help you with roof replacement. In fact, many real estate agents can tell you that the roof is one of the most visible items from the street, and roof replacement is one of the most valuable home improvement investments you can make if you’re planning to sell. Our Laurel, MT construction contractors are certified and licensed to install a wide variety of different roof types, including:

Quality Guarantee

The Laurel, MT construction contractors at Sprague Construction Roofing LLC have been working in residential construction and roofing for a combined total of more than 150 years. We place special emphasis on training and certification, and work with the highest quality manufacturers so you know that you will get superior work and materials, all at a fair price.

To find out how Sprague Construction Roofing LLC can help you with replacing or repairing your Laurel roof, call us at (406) 534-1222 or fill out our online form and we will be in touch with you soon.

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