4 Qualifications for Choosing the Right Restoration Contractors

Whether a remodeling job is something that you have been thinking about for several years now, or you just decided that with the coming new year you want to get a new start for your home, it’s a great time to hire restoration contractors in Billings, MT. Before you hire just any contractor for your job, here are four important qualifications to check in advance.

Proper Licensing

Licensing, whether it’s at the state or city/county level (depending on the local laws in the Billings area), or from professional organizations and manufacturers, is a great indicator that you are working with a qualified Billings, MT contractor. You can find out what your local license requirements are by checking with the state office of professional licensing, or by calling your county or city offices.


Every contractor, no matter what kind of work they do, should have adequate insurance. At a minimum, that means carrying general liability insurance (to protect against damage to your property during the restoration), and worker’s compensation insurance (to protect employees and subcontractors who may get injured on the job). Without these insurance policies you could be liable for damage or injury that happens on your property.


Before you hire just any Billings MT restoration contractors, check to find out their experience level. Find out if they have done work similar to the project that you are hiring them to do, and ask past clients for referrals to find out if they do a quality job.

Ongoing Training

Even the best restoration contractors should brush up on their skills every once in a while. Ask the contractor about trainings and certifications they have participated in recently to find out if they place emphasis on continuing education and professional development.

Don’t make the mistake of getting a restoration contractor in Billings, MT that is no qualified to do the job you want to hire them for. Use these tips to make sure you get only the most qualified and most professional contractors so you get top quality work.