4 Ways Gutters Protect Your Home and Your Roof

The gutters that surround your Billings roofing may not seem like they do much, but they actually play a very vital role in helping to protect your roof from some of the most common problems that can occur when water is not appropriately channeled away from the shingles.

Gutters Keep Water Away From the Shingles

One of the most dangerous things for your shingles is standing water. While they are designed to shed water and protect against things like rain and snow, the longer you have standing water around your shingles, the more likely it will find its way under the shingles to the roof support, and into your attic and home as a leak. Gutters channel water away from the roof to avoid these problems.

Gutters Prevent Ice Dams

Another potential threat for homes in the Billings area is the buildup of ice dams in winter. Sometimes when warm air rises from your heated home, it melts the snow on the top of your Billings roofing; the water runs down the roof and freezes again when it reaches the colder outer shingles. This causes the formation of ice dams, which can have the same damaging effect as standing water on your roof.

Gutters Keep Water from Pooling Around the Basement

Another benefit of quality gutters in Billings is that they can protect against the dangers of water around your home’s foundation. If water is allowed to pool near the foundation, you run the risk that it will damage the foundation or get into the basement and cause flooding. Either scenario is bad, so it’s best to keep this water away from your house and safely channel it into the yard with gutters.

Gutters Protect Your Landscaping

If gutters are clogged with debris, detached from your Billings roofing, or have broken seams, you run the risk that the water will wash away or damage your landscaping. Keep an eye out for areas of landscaping that appear washed out, and if you see that, call a gutter repair company right away.

Having clean gutters in good repair can help protect your Billings home from some of the potential hazards that can otherwise occur without quality gutters.