Are Roof Repairs Possible During Winter?

Roof repairs are something that everyone homeowner will probably need to perform at some time in the life of their home, but what happens when those roof repairs are needed during the winter months? Your Billings roofing is probably covered in snow and ice for much of the season, which makes it difficult and dangerous for a homeowner to get up there and make the repairs. Fortunately a roof repair contractor can probably help when it comes to winter weather and fixing the roof.

Determining What Work Can be Done in Winter

If you think you might have a problem on your roof in Billings, MT, call a contractor today to inspect the damage and determine whether it should be repaired right away or if it’s something that can wait for spring.

Generally speaking if a roofing contractor can safely make the repairs right now, it’s better to repair the roof before a small leak has time to become a major problem. More extensive damage is possible if you leave roof leaks for several months, especially as snow and ice are sitting on the roof for an extended winter season.

If you have extensive damage that is going to require a full roof replacement, waiting until spring could be dangerous for the roof. In most cases a Billings roofing contractor can tear off your roof and replace it with a new one (for average-size homes) in one or two days, so it can be scheduled during good weather days without any problems in the winter.

Important Safety Information

If you do think that there might be a problem on your Billings roofing, it’s important to remember that conditions on the roof are going to be vastly different in the winter than they would be in better weather. Getting up on the roof is a dangerous prospect even in great weather, but is even more precarious when it’s cold. It’s better to hire a professional roofer to come and inspect your roof—they will have the proper safety equipment, plus experience with roofing repairs, to ensure the repairs are done well and nobody gets hurt.

Roofing contractors are used to extreme weather—from the heat of a summer roofing job to the cold of winter—and they can help in every season.