3 Reasons to Schedule a Gutter Inspection This Spring

Spring is the season best known for its rain. Now that the winter is starting to subside, it is time to start thinking about your gutters. This system is supposed to direct water away from your foundation, but if it is not in functioning order it will not be able to do its job well. Many roofing contractors in Billings, MT, are able to inspect and repair your gutters as needed. Spring is one of the best times to schedule an inspection for a number of reasons:


  • Clean: During the winter, your Billings gutters may get filled with dirt and other debris from the snow. This means a spring cleaning is necessary to ensure your gutters can handle the upcoming rain. While there shouldn’t be many leaves in your gutters at this point, it is a good idea to make sure everything is clean.
  • Stop Leaks: Winter is also hard on your gutters because the snow and ice can expand creating cracks in your system. A professional will be able to fix the cracks right away. Again, this type of issue can stop the proper flow of water. Once you are able to fix leaks, your gutters will work better and be ready for spring and summer.
  • Fix Brackets: The extra weight from snow, ice and gunk can put a lot of pressure on the brackets. A gutter inspection will point out these problems and reduce the issues that may arise from sagging gutters. If you try to inspect your own gutters, you may not notice the compromised brackets of your system.

Spring is a busy time of the year for your gutters. There is a lot of potential rain, so you need to make sure your gutters are ready for the task. Work with roofing contractors in Billings, MT, to get your gutter inspection scheduled and make any necessary fixes to your entire system to prepare for spring showers.