How Replacement Windows Can Keep You Warm This Winter

Have you noticed that certain areas of your home—specifically those near the windows—are much colder than other parts of the house? Or have you seen a gradual increase in your home heating bills every year, even though energy prices haven’t changed that much and there is no other discernable explanation as to why they are increasing? If you answered yes to these questions, chances are your windows are getting older and it’s time to replace them.

Older Windows = Inconsistent Temperatures

Poorly insulated windows, or older single-pane windows, have a harder time keeping cold air outside and warm air inside during the winter months. You probably notice this when you sit next to the windows and it’s several degrees colder than the interior areas of your home, or if you can feel a draft. The inability to get your entire house to a comfortable and constant temperature means you spend more money heating the house while most of that warm air is escaping through your windows.

Energy Efficient Features of Replacement Windows

If you’re tired of drafty, cold, or poorly functioning windows and you’re thinking about getting replacement windows in Billings, they come with several energy-efficient features to help lower monthly heating bills and keep your house more comfortable through the coldest winter months.

  • Double- or triple-pane glass – adding more than a single pane of glass to the windows provides added insulation and reduces the chances that cold air gets in, or warm air gets out.
  • Argon gas – another benefit of multiple panes of glass is that you can upgrade to get argon gas between the panes, which increases the R-value (thermal resistance) of your windows, provides better soundproofing, minimizes the chance for frost and condensation to build up, and reduces heat exchange through the window. Argon gas is non-toxic and odorless.
  • Quality seals – older windows become drafty when the seals around the windows start to wear out or break, but replacement windows will have a tight seal to prevent drafts and keep your home sealed up tight.
  • Energy efficient materials – the most popular materials for replacement windows in Billings are vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass, and all of these protect against heat transfer to keep your home warmer. Plus they are all low-maintenance, so you won’t need to spend money or time to keep them looking good for years to come.

To learn more about the benefits of new windows, talk to a replacement window contractor in Billings today.